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The entire democratic party should be investigated prosecuted and incarcerated for their actions as well as force them to repay their investigations back into social security from their own bank accountsit is a Adidas All Day I Dream About Guinea Pig Shirt crime and the perpetrators need to be tried for that crime and pay the price justice and against all of this you decidedly won have not only been fired on theyve tried bombs and you still come out on top I say put every bit of our beautiful country to good use take and leave them all on alcatraz including mitt they could start their own corrupt government there their great at it. Can I we the people sue these people for fraud someone needs to pay the billneed to be a lawsuit we cant survive as a nation with a two tier justice system all one has to askis would a every day hard working person be investigated charged and tried in court for what they have done your political connections. But we stood in the white housethey brought up not my president protest they got tired they brought up mullsee more snake is poisonous but can also be a good meal it bites and infect the weak but the strong learn to rather turn the snake into a good meal congratulations mr president you have turned nancys and the dems snakes into a mouth watering meal bon appetit

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