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The only way to stop this stuff is to hit their a Arkansas Sonic Shirt cketbook and their retirementim praying that they are all prosecuted enough with their unfair double standard. Not it would be nice for social security to get a increase without medicare taking itall social security folks are struggling how about a nice raise in ss and free medicare that would make dems totally lose it president trump many seniors not doing too great even though economy is thank you so many depend on social security that they had worked and paid for to have it taken or decreased would hurt many too many using and abusing the ssi that should be working family benefits too many daddys living with their baby mamas collecting benefits while daddy works reconstruction of these benefits need to be looked into I would love to be able to afford the medications that I need just to stay alive what cost me. State of the union was beautiful and it was true the accomplishment of facts was its foundation truly admire how you managed to do such incredible things for our country all while being hog tied by these phoniesi agree if they spent just a fraction of the time and effort they used on this impeachment hoax in any way to better

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