Just One More Car I Promise Shirt


Be wiser than the devil trumpusa rock rollyoure driving them nuts and were all loving it keep it up mr president youre doing an Just One More Car I Promise Shirt awesome job god bless you and god bless the americas we dont need aoc in the senate lets. Its not a tax he and turtle mitch mcconnell both outlined plans to significantly cut social security and medicare damn people really are gullible if this is true thenlet it be true keep your hands off are retirement and dont give it to people that just come into the country we never get much of a raise what we do get is eat up in medicare insurance please fix this we need real raise. We are just sending out blessings of the lord to you in jesus name thank you for the time and dedication you are putting in for this great nation and the peoplea very inspiring speech thank you for all the dedication hard work you have giving us to make our country a saver better place to liveusa we are so happy you are our president full steam ahead while being aware of evil doers

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