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We cannot let aoc into the senate she will be there for six years she needs to be a Michael Rapaport T Shirt one and done keep draining the swamp waiting for the clinton n all to be taken down working for the people it sirit will be a another historic day. Let your experts investigate to find the truth in the meantime get ready to win in and try to do a little relaxing we need a healthy president stress causes all kinds of illnesses breathe mr presidentif I were you I would appoint joe digenova as special council to investigate this whole mess he would get to the bottom of this at what point is someone going to prison. But I bet youll be happy to get back to the states and geta big juicy usda quarter pounder huh trump has divided people into those for and those against him clearly he only wants a jury made up of people who support him impartiality doesnt exist where trump is concerned

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