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Can u give me a Portnoy Rapaport Shirt ticketso dj trump is bashing the media because they wont report that lines are forming for a presidential rally lol cracks me up for every trump fans. I believe there can be a red sweep in novembershe scares you and that is why you talk about her please rise above the name calling a clear and present danger if you cant write in english. Obstruction of justice is that a felony if the judge doesnt reverse the verdict due to a tainted jury is that possible obstruction of justice see more what with trumps daily attacks on the rule of law an exhausting primary season thats nowhere close to wrapping up and everything in between its easy to lose hope but even in these darkest of days I want to remind you ofhow resilient america has been and how well situated we are for the future dont give up keep fighting voteouttrump novembersee more president trump and

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