Yankees Andy Pettitte Mariano Rivera Shirt


I believe that only a Yankees Andy Pettitte Mariano Rivera Shirt landslide for republicans and trump will bring the country back together and shock democrats back to sanity and tell the world that america is strong and great pick up the senate and president good to see you leave jan when we have new president aoc needs to fade away trying to impeach for no reason is treason hanging offence trying to take over the government just get the rope we love youpresident trump go get em and make america proud again. Mr president fake news is so awfulbe we know that you are doing a terrific job tune into right side broadcasting they show the lines speak with people in line and broadcast the entire inside event while scanning the audience. You made me laugh cry and made proud to be an american all in minutes best state of the unionyet I appreciate each of the guests you honored and that you gave rush the medal of freedom during this event

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